Oral Presentation Guidelines:

Oral Presentation –  VDO submission: Google Form

Video clip 10 minutes (not exceed) in mov or mp4 format (HD, 30 fps, >50mb) with the name of file as paper code-presenter surname

a. Power-point recording presentation by preparing your ppt slides and using function (Slide show – record slide show for every slides) then save as mp4 file. OR

b. You can record your display clip via other programs i.e. OBS or any communication program with recording i.e. zoom or webex.

Poster Presentation Guidelines:

Poster Presentation –  VDO submission: Google Form

  • Format: e-Poster (1 page with A0 size or 90cm width X 120cm height) presentation file will be accepted in PDF format only.
  • Presenter video clip: mp4 file (3 mins) with HD resolution or higher, but not more than 1GB in file size 

Note: No need to print the poster and explain. You can use any applications i.e. PowerPoint recording or just simple video recorder. You need to make sure for good quality of sound in the clip, noise-canceling microphone is recommended.

  • Fonts: Do not use special fonts which are not part of the standard Adobe Acrobat Reader package, as this will cause problems while uploading your file.</
    • File name: The name of the presentation file should as paper code – presenter surname.
    • Do not use any passwords or encryption for your presentation.